Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monitor Stock Market Using iPad 2

If you are into stock market trading or investing, monitoring your portfolio and the global market are hardest part especially if you are on the go. You need stock qoutes, forex rates, commodity prices and market information all the time. Using your iPad 2, you can now download the latest business news, real time/historical graphs, and precise market trend analysis anytime, anywhere.

Bloomberg for iPad 2
Price: Free

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Requires Internet Connection via WiFi /3G

Thousand of professionals trust Bloomberg to give the the latest and precise information on the world's financial markets. This application offers detailed  data about major indices like DJIA or Dow Jones Industrial Average, SP500 of US , Japan's Nikkei, UK's FTSE and Germany's DAX to name a few. If you are managing a portfolio, you can customize a list of stocks from markets around the world with a few clicks. Enter a ticker symbol on the search box and all the information about the stock will be downloaded automatically.

If your are day-trading stocks, I think you're dependent on technical analysis. This technique relies on graphs to track trends and eventually make a "prediction" if it's a buying or selling time. Bloomberg for iPad 2 provides detailed graphs on a daily, monthly, 6 months,1 year, or on a 5- year timeline.

I personally use this app on monitoring my stocks on the Philippine Stock Market. With this, I can easily know the day's high and low or my portfolio's gain and loss. If you are seasoned trader or a new investor like me, this tool is a great help for us.

Happy investing!


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